Non-Surgical Facelifts

As a person ages the following occurs in one’s face and neck:
  1. Skin laxity which causes sagging. (Jowls, turkey neck and cheek bags begin to appear).
  2. Wrinkles from repetitive facial muscle movements. (Crowsfeet, bunny lines, frownlines, smile lines and lip lines are examples of lines caused by hyperfunctional facial muscle movements).
  3. Loss of subcutaneous tissue volume or migration of fat pads due to gravity. (This leads to tear troughs, baggy eyes, deep nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks etc.)
  4. Solar damages worsened by sun exposure. (Textural change to the skin, pigmentations, spider vessels, uneven skin colour are some of the changes seen)
  5. Hormonal changes (skin thinning, layer pores, melasma etc)
  6. Accumulation of fat at the wrong location (e.g. double chin)
  7. Tradition facelift will remedy condition No.1 and to some extent No.2, leaving the other factors unattended to. This procedure is most suitable for someone with primarily a lot of loose skin. Other individuals will find better results with a combination of some of the following techniques which are non-surgical, much safer (no risk of nerve damage or death from anaesthesia) and requires practically no downtime.
Treatment modalities than can help alleviate some these signs of aging are:
  1. Tripolar radiofrequency (RF) can tighten loose skin and help reduce wrinkles. Safe and painless.
  2. Botox Cosmetic injection is extremely effective and safe to quiet the hyperfunctional facial muscles that cause wrinkles.
  3. Injection of fillers made of hyaluronic acid to remedy loss of volume. The result is immediate and can last more than 2-3 years depending on the location of injection.
  4. Lasers: There are different lasers that can reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. The ablative lasers deliver faster results but tend to have more downtime and possible complications. The non-ablative Medlite C6 laser we use can shrink pore size and improve texture without downtime and has practically no risk of pigmentation changes. It also treats melasma effectively.
  5. Cooled IPL photorejuvenation can get rid of unwanted vessels, pigmentation and hair. It improves skin tone and rejuvenates the skin gently without pain or downtime.
  6. Lipodissolve injections melt away unwanted fat in parts of the face such as the cheek bags, nasolabial mould and in double chins. Skin is also tightened after treatment.
Dr. Poon is experienced in finding the right combination of treatment modalities to suit your individual need.
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