Individual Treatment Plans for Personalized Treatments

This page is designed to help you understand the various cutting-edge cosmetic treatment options available to you at Beautiful One Cosmetic and Laser Clinics. Each heading listed below will briefly describe treatments modalities that will be utilized by Dr Poon to expertly address your individual concerns.



acne scar

Dr Poon uses a combination of Ulthera Microneedle and dermal fillers to Treat acne scaring.

Bags under eyes

Undereye bags can be effectively treated Using lipodissolve injections and Tripolar RF, and Intracel RF microneedling.

Dark circles under eyes

This condition can be corrected using the CO2 injection (carboxytherapy), facial injectable fillers and in some cases Medlite C6 laser.

deep wrinkle fillers

Facetite and intracell microneedle offers best results to deal with deep wrinkles that can not be corrected with facial fillers.

Double chin

Lipodissolve can remove fat and tighten loose skin with less pain, bruising and fast recovery. This is a non-surgical office procedure that takes advantage of the latest advances in laser lipo.It is a safe & effective treatment and is very popular in Japan.

droopy eye lids

Droopy eyelids can be corrected with non-surgical blepharoplasty using Facetite and Ulthera.



forehead lines

Botox (lasting up to four months) is the most popular method of treating forehead lines followed closely by injectable fillers (12 months). Ulthera Microneedle can produce excellent results that last much longer (years).

frown lines

Similarly, a combination of Botox injections and dermal fillers for temporary relief. Ulthera and Facetite can also be used for long-term results.

loss of volume

Dermal fillers are most commonly used to treat loss of volume and to build up skin's underlying structure to produce a more youthful contoured look.


A combination of Medlite C6, CIPL, chemical peels and skin care lines such as Obagi and Lumixyl will treat melasma.

Neck rejuvenation and DÉCOLLETAGE

Intracel RF in combination with PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), Facetite, Neck tite, and CO2 lasers can produce amazing non-surgical neck lift effects as seen below.

pigmented skin

A combination of Medlite C6, CIPL, chemical peels and skin care lines such as Obagi and Lumixyl will treat melasma.

pigment removal

A combination of Medlite C6, CIPL, chemical peels and skin care lines such as Obagi and Lumixyl will treat melasma.

skin rejuvenation (Also for tummy Stretch markS)

Dr Poon uses Ulthera, CIPL, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion in combination with PRP to deliver outstanding skin rejuvenation results.

thin lips

Injectable dermal fillers offer the best result to restore lost volume and plump up thin lips.

up side down smile

Upside down (sad) smiles can be corrected with a combination of Botox, fillers, and Intracel for a long lasting result.

wrinkles around eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes, also known as crows feet wrinkles, can be treated with a combination of Botox, fillers, and Intracel.




Lipodissolve, Bella Contour, and lipomassage are combined to deliver long lasting results for treatment of cellulite.

excess hair

CIPL is an excellent modality for reduction of unwanted hair.

inch loss

lipodissolve, Bella Contour, and Tripolar RF deliver excellent non-surgical results for desired inch loss.

love handles

Stubborn lovehandles can be treated with lipodissolve.

non surgical liposuction

Fat on hard-to-get-rid-of areas can be effectively removed with lipodissolve.

saddle bags

Similarly, lipodissolve can be used to non-surgically reduce the fat from the saddlebag area.

saggy arms

Dr Poon is able to use lipodissolve treatments to improve the "saggy arm" look.

skin tightening

Ulthera as well as and PRP treatments, Facetite, Bodytite, and Tripolar RFproduce very effective skin tightening as seen below.

stretch marks

CO2 laser, and PRP, Facetite, Bodytite, Triploar FR, Bella Contour, and Mesotherapy are very effective for treatment of stretch marks.

tattoo removal

C6 medlite laser is used by Dr Poon for removal of unwanted tattoos.

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