Advances in technology have allowed us to treat many skin conditions with excellent cosmetic results. Hair removal can also be done with little or no discomfort.

I would like to share three new and advanced technology we have at Beautiful One Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centres. The first one is the Medlite C6 Laser which is the only non-ablative laser available now to treat melasma with consistent, good results. Melasma or pregnancy mask was very difficult to treat before with poor success rate and high rate of reoccurrence. With this new technology we are able to achieve 80% or more clearance in most cases with 5-10 weekly treatments. There is no peeling and very little downtime.

CIPL (Cool Intelligent Pulse Light) is a new generation IPL which is able to remove pigmentation, vessels and hair with no pain and with excellent cosmetic results.

The Ellman Radiofrequency machine is able to remove moles, syringoma (white or yellow dots around the eyes) and other benign skin lesions without cutting and without suturing. There is virtually no scarring.

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