BodyTite Non-Surgical Liposuction, Facelift, and Necklift

BodyTite & FaceTite

BodyTite uses radiofrequency energy with a smart temperature control feedback system to protect against excessive heating of the treated area. Its advantage over other energy sources such as lasers is that it is much safer and is target-specific. BodyTite has the additional benefit of good tissue tightening. The BodyTite platform has now developed non-suction and non-surgical applications of this patented Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) technology, called TiteFX and FaceTite.

Tite FX is a non–invasive attachment to the BodyTite platform. It is able to induce lipolysis in the fat cells using a special handpiece applied on the skin.

Body Tightening: One of the unique features of BodyTite is its ability to safely and precisely heat the soft tissue being contoured. This gentle and deep heating will lead to significant body tightening, often with soft tissue contraction of up to 40%.

NeckTite is a treatment that gently melts excess fat in small to medium sized areas. Melted fat can then be squeezed out or aspirated without the traditional suction cannulae. Gentle and deep heating will lead to contraction of the skin to re-contour the treatment area. These areas may include the neck, upper arms or inner thighs. This procedure is faster, less invasive and safer.

FaceTite can be a good solution that addresses lax skin in small localized areas. FaceTite can be a good solution where there is saggy skin that requires tightening and contouring, without the need for fat removal. These areas may include saggy skin and laxity around the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, face, jowls and mouth. In properly selected cases, the result of FaceTite can be close to an open facelift without the risks, scarring or downtime of an excisional procedure. Spectacular results can be achieved combining FaceTite with volume lift (SuperLift®).

This is another unique application of the BodyTite platform. By breaking the fibrous bands that create the unsightly appearance of cellulite and melting the fat with RF energy, the smooth appearance of the skin can be restored. Combining Tite FX with lipodissolve produces fantastic results without the risks, complications and scars of liposuction.

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